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Price / Precio: $308.00
Detroit Diesel service, repair manual for 2-71, 3-71, 4-71, 6-71

Manual de servicio y reparacion para motores Detroit Diesel 2-71, 3-71, 4-71 and 6-71
Price / Precio: $38.74
Piston ring installation tool universal for Detroit Diesel series 53, 71, 92
Detroit Diesel series 53, 71 and 92,Piston ring compression installation tool,J8037,Herramienta para compresion e instalacion de anillos o aros de piston
2 1/8 to 5 inches
Herramienta de installacion de anillos de piston universal y de motores Detroit Diesel serie 53, 71 y 92
Price / Precio: $9.92
Valve calibration feeler gauge for Detroit Diesel .002 to .025 inches
Detroit Diesel engine,Feeler gauge 002 to 025,162,Calibrador valvula 002 a 025
Price / Precio: $83.25
J-5286-6 Kent Moore flaring die, Detroit injector tube instalation
Detroit Diesel engine,Flaring die tool,J-5286-6,Tornillo abrir tobera,capuchon
Price / Precio: $23.19
DP- J1242 Injector timing tool for Detroit Diesel engine
Detroit Diesel,engine,Injector timing tool,Kent Moore,1.484,for HV6,N65,N80,J1242,Herramienta,mide el tiempo del inyector,Kent Moore,1.484 para HV6,N65,N80
Injector timing tool (1.484) for injectors HV6, N65, N80
Herramienta que mide el tiempo del inyector (1.484) para inyectores HV6, N65, N80
Price / Precio: $23.50
DP- J1853 injector timing tool for Detroit Diesel injector
Detroit Diesel engine,Injector timing tool,Kent Moore,1.460,for HV7,N45,N50,N55,N60,N70,N90,J1853,Herramienta,mide el tiempo del inyector,Kent Moore,1.460,para HV7,N45,N50,N55,N60,N70,N90
Injector timing tool (1.460) for injectors HV7, N45, N50, N55, N60, N70, N90
Herramienta que mide el tiempo del injector (1.460) para inyectores HV7, N45, N50, N55, N60, N70, N90
Price / Precio: $16.50
Fuel filter removal wrench para motor Detroit Diesel
Detroit Diesel engine,Removal wrench,For fuel filter,3_7/16 to 3_3/4,190,Llave para soltar o quitar,Filtro de combustible 3_7/16 pulgadas a 3-3/4 pulgadas
Removal wrench - For fuel filter 3-7/16" to 3-3/4"
Llave para soltar o quitar - Filtro de combustible 3-7/16" a 3-3/4"
Price / Precio: $44.91
Oil filter removal wrench for Detroit engines 4-21/32 to 5-5/32 inch
Detroit Diesel,engine,Removal wrench,For oil filter,4_21/32 inches to 5_5/32 inches,2321,Llave para soltar o quitar,Filtro de aceite 4_21/32 pulgadas a 5_5/32 pulgadas

Llave para soltar o quitar - Filtro de aceite 4-21/32" a 5-5/32"
Price / Precio: $145.77
Impeller puller for sea or raw water pumps
Detroit Diesel engine, Impeller puller,50070, Puller de impelente

-Removedor de impelente de bomba de agua salada

Premium aftermarket parts for Detroit Diesel ® engine 3-71 Natural 4V, engine manual,

Manual de motor, manual de servicio, manual de troubleshooting.