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Connecting Rods - Bielas

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Price / Precio: $14.87
DP 23526141 P Connecting rod bearings for Detroit Diesel 60 series
Detroit Diesel engine series 60,Connecting rod bearings Standard wide,23526141P,Metales,conchas,casquillos de Biela Standard ancho
Standard (wide)
Metales (conchas/casquillos) de Biela Standard (ancho)
Price / Precio: $17.94
DP 60BSH  Connecting rod bushing set, Detroit Diesel series 60
Detroit Diesel engine series 60,Bushing set for connecting rod,60BSH,Juego de buje de biela
Bushing set for connecting rod
Juego de buje de biela

>Premium aftermarket parts for Detroit Diesel ® 60 series engines 14 L.  Connecting rod bearing sets.

Refacciones o repuestos para motores Detroit Diesel ® serie 60 de 14 L.  Juego de casquillos, metales o conchas.