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Detroit Diesel Blower

Detroit Diesel Blower

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Detroit Diesel Blower for 53, 71, 92 and 149 Series

If you’re looking for new or remanufactured Detroit Diesel blowers, then Diesel Pro Power is the company to turn to. As you can see on this page, with one click you not only can find the blower you are looking for but also all related component to service, repair or replace your unit. Our Detroit Diesel blowers are completely disassembled, inspected and remanufactured by a certified Detroit Diesel mechanic. After its assembly each and every Detroit Blower is calibrated to meet Detroit Diesel blower specifications. New bearing, seals, shims are installed in the process. Each and everyone of our Blowers carries a 1 year warranty. For your convenience our large stock allows us to ship our parts within 24hrs of purchase. All packaging, documents and shipping is coordinated by us to make your purchasing experience the easiest in our industry. After selecting your engine on this page, you will have at hand all related parts not only to install your remanufactured blower but also repair it yourself if you choose to. We will go further that any company servicing Detroit Diesel Blowers, we will guide you all along the process and be available to help you in any step of the way. Please, do not hesitate to call us at the numbers above. You may have a simple question such as how can I tell if my blower is left hand or right hand rotation. We are here to serve you well.
Our inventory includes blowers also called sometimes supercharger, for both turbo and non-turbo engines. Everything is clearly marked. We distribute parts for the following engine types:8V92, 8V53, 471, 671, 6V71, 271, 371 and many others! Don’t go without our fully warranted blowers and make you engine perform like new. Contact us today to acquire the blowers or replacement parts that you need.

Want more information?  We are intorducing product pages that offer a listing of our products and some frequently asked questions.  Please click below to see more:

Blowers for 271, 371, 471, 671 Engines
Blowers for 6V71, 8V71, 12V71, 16V71 Engines