353 Detroit Diesel Parts

353 Detroit Diesel Parts

More information about the 353 engine+

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The 353 is a two cycle engine and uses many of the same parts as others in the 53 series. It has 3 cylinders, and a displacement is 159 inches cubed or 2.61 liters. There are a total of 4 main bearings. This engine weighs 1110 pounds.

Alternate Names and Locating Your Engine Model Number+

As with other engines, this engine can have different names depending on the user. To clarify, this engine is also called the 3-53 or the 3 53. If you have any questions about which parts you need, please give us a call and we will be happy to help get you to the right items.

To make sure, locate the engine's model number. These will be located on the side of the engine, and it will be an eight digit number, an example would be 5035-1201. The first digit is for the series, and will always begin with a 5 for any engine in the 53 series. The next two digits indicate the number of cylinders. For this model, the model number will start with 503x-xxxx. If you find the serial number instead, this number will contain a '3D' in it, and be something similar to 3D0186921.

353 Information, Torque and Specifications+

Please note that all of the measurements are based on an elevation of 500 feet and an ambient temperature of 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Horsepower is measured as brake horsepower. Torque is measured as lb• ft, and all measurements here are for four-valve engines.

Torque (with N40 or N45 injectors) is between 179 lb•ft at 1400 RPM and 162 lb•ft at 2400 RPM. The horsepower ranges from 48 at 1400 RPM and 74 at 2400 RPM.

For marine engines, the shaft horsepower ranges from 55 at 1500 RPM to 92 at 2800 RPM for rated power. With power propeller load, the SHP is 14 at 1500 RPM, 34 at 2000 RPM and 65 at 2500 RPM.

Fuel consumption (rated) ranges from 4 gallons per hour at 1500 RPM to 6 gallons per hour at 2800 RPM. Power propeller load fuel consumption is 1.5 gallons per hour at 1500 RPM and 4.5 gallons per hour at 2500 RPM.

The 353 Detroit uses a lubricating oil with a SAE viscosity of 40, or the military specification of Mil-L-2104D. If the engine is going to be used in temperatures above 100 degrees Fahrenheit, it is better to use SAE grade 50 lubricant. For temperatures below freezing, SAE 30 can be used. This is also called 15W-40, and is only for non-marine engines. Never use 15W-40 in a marine engine.

The fuel used in these engines should be D 975, or between grades 1-D and 2-D. The sulfur content should not be more than 0.5% sulfur. Using lubricating oil as fuel is not recommended. Isopropyl alcohol can be used as 1 pint per 125 gallons of fuel to protect the fuel in cold conditions.

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