453 Detroit Diesel Parts - Non-Turbo

453 Detroit Diesel Parts - Non-Turbo

More information about the 453 Detroit Diesel+

We have an extensive collection of parts for the 453 Detroit Diesel, from blowers and cylinder heads to starters and seals. This classic and reliable engine has been in use for many years, and with the right parts, it can last for many more. That is why we at Diesel Pro only sell high quality parts that will last. Our new items are covered by a leading one-year warranty, a warranty that you will not find with many other dealers. That is because we are confident that our parts will perform, and know that you will be satisfied if you try us. We also offer multiple shipping options, so you will get the part you want, when you want it, at a price that you want. Need a part delivered quickly? No problem. We process orders within one business day, and can send most of our products by next-day delivery. Try us and you will see, Diesel Pro is a better way to buy Diesel parts online.

Own a Turbocharged Engine?+

We have designed our website to have all of the parts needed for each engine type, to make part selection easy and quick, without the use of annoying part numbers. This page is for the 453 natural engine, or one without a turbo.

To see parts for the 453 turbo, click here

453 Detroit Specs and General Information+

The 453 Detroit Diesel Engine is a 2 cycle engine with 4 cylinders and a total displacement of 212 cubic inches or 3.48 liters. The engine has a total of 5 main bearings. It has a bore of 3.875 inches or 98 millimeters. The stroke is 4.5 inches or 114 millimeters.

The cooling system has a capacity of 2.25 gallons or 8.5 liters. This engine should have a normal coolant temperature of 160 to 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

The minimum battery rating is 625 cold cranking amps (at zero degrees Fahrenheit.)

The lubricating oil pressure for the 453 Detroit should be 40-60 psi, and the minimum for safe operation is 30 psi. The temperature should be between 200-235 degrees Fahrenheit up to 2500 RPMs and 205-240 degrees at 2800 RPMs.

Identifying a 453 Detroit+

Unsure if you have a 453 Detroit? Check the engine for the model number. This is an eight digit code that will be similar to 5042-5101. The first number should be a 5, indicating it is a part of the 53 series. The next two digits would be a 04, indicating it is a four cylinder. All 453s will start with 504 in the model number (504x-xxxx.) If the sixth digit is a 3, such as 5043-5301 then you have an engine with a turbocharger. If you do have a turbo, please click here to see our 453 turbo parts page.

The engine will also have a serial number, which should contain a 4A. It will look similar to 4A 12345.

Fuel and Oil for the 453 Detroit+

For the 453, use lubricating oil with a viscosity of SAE 40 for most conditions. For higher temperatures, use a higher viscosity such as SAE 50, such as when the ambient temperature is over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For lower temperatures, such as below freezing, use 15W-40 or SAW 30 lubricating oil.

Oil changes should be done at least every 6000 miles, or less, with normal, continuous operation. With shorter trips, or less frequent use, these engines can go up to 12,000 miles between oil changes. For stationary units, marine units and industrial units, the oil should be changed every 150 hours. If it less frequent use, such as standby, then the oil can be changed every 150 hours or once per year.

Please note that higher fuel sulfur content can increase the frequency of oil changes. For example, if you use fuel with a sulfur content above 1%, then the lubricating oil should be changed every 2000-4000 miles, depending on whether the engine is used daily or just for short trips. For marine engines, the oil should be changed every 50-100 hours. For units that are only used as a standby generator, then the oil should be changed every 50-100 hours, or once every six months.

Use of fuel above 1% sulfur should be avoided, but if it is used, then be sure to also utilize a lubricant with a Total Base Number, or TBN of 10-30. The lower the TBN, the more frequently the oil should be changed when using fuel with a sulfur content above 0.5%.

Torque and Horsepower Information+

All information based on performance in 85 degree Fahrenheit temperature, at an altitude of 500 feet. The 453 Detroit has the following torque, measured in Lb Ft, with a four valve head. Horsepower is measured as intermittent-continuous brake horsepower (BHP.)

Torque with S40 or S45 injectors: 231 at 1500 RPM, 224 at 2000 RPM, max 214 at 2400 RPM.
Horsepower with S40 or S45 injectors (Intermittent-Continuous): 63 at 1500 RPM, 82 at 2000 RPM, max of 98 BHP at 2400 RPM.

Torque with N40 or N45 injectors: 238 at 1500 RPM, 230 at 2000 RPM, max of 221 at 2400 RPM.
Horsepower with N40 or N45 injectors: 64 at 1500 RPM, 84 at 2000 RPM, max of 101 BHP at 2400 RPM.

Truck Application, torque with S45 injectors: 252 at 1500 RPM, 246 at 2000 RPM, 231 at 2500 RPM, max of 218 at 2800.
Truck Application, horsepower with S45 injectors: 72 at 1500 RPM, 88 at 2000 RPM, 110 at 2500 RPM, max of 116 BHP at 2800 RPM.

Boat Use, with N40 injectors (measured as Shaft Horsepower): 67 at 1500 RPM, 88 at 2000 RPM, max of 100 SHP at 2400 RPM.

Boat Use, with N50 injectors (measured as Shaft Horsepower): 72 at 1500 RPM, 100 at 2000 RPM, max of 128 SHP at 2800.

Pictures of classic 453 Detroits+

The Detroit Diesel 453 has found its way into any vehicles over the years. Here are some pictures of classic uses.

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Gama Goat Military Vehicle

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