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    Manual - tool
    6V92T Manual - tool
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    6V92T Rebuild Kit
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    Fresh Water
    6V92T Fresh Water
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    Sea Water
    6V92T Sea Water
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    Cylinder head
    6V92T Cylinder head
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    6V92T Fuel Pump
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    6V92T Cylinder Kits
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    Power Take-off
    6V92T Power Take-off
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    Fuel Filter
    6V92T Fuel Filter
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    Oil Filter
    6V92T Oil Filters
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    Paint, More
    Paint, More
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    Other Parts
    Other Parts
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    6V92 Troubleshooting
    6V92T Troubleshooting

Detroit Diesel 6V92 Turbo

The Detroit Diesel 6V92 is a tough engine that can run for many, many years. Proper maintenance, combined with the right parts, is absolutely key to their longevity. At Diesel Pro, we offer the right, high-quality parts that will let these engines keep running, year after year after year. We have served many satisfied customers over the years, and know that if you buy parts from us, you will be satisfied. Our parts carry warranties and your satisfaction is guaranteed. We have also built a website that is focused on you, our customer. This includes better descriptions, better pictures, and a fully integrated shipping calculator which automatically checks with multiple shipping partners to present you with several options upon checkout, meaning you can get the part as fast as you want, for a price you want. In other words, if you need parts for your Detroit 6V92, why would you go anywhere else?

V6-92 Detroit and Alternative Names

The Detroit Diesel 6V92 can go by many other names. This is due to this tough engine being used in many different applications, from farm equipment to generators, to busses and recreational vehicles. To clarify what we mean, here is a list of alternative names for the Detroit 6V92.

•V6-92 Detroit
•6V 92 or 6V-92 Detroit
•Gray Marine 6V92
•6V92N, 6V92T, 6V92TA

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Detroit Diesel 6V92 Specs

Listed here are the general specifications for the Detroit 6V92. If you have any questions about specific part, or other need additional information, please give us a call and we will help get you the right part you need.

The Detroit Diesel 6V92 is a two-cycle, six cylinder engine with a bore of 4.84 inches (123mm) and a stroke of 5 inches (127mm.)

For Detroit Diesel 6V92 Natural engines (6V92N) the compression ratio is 19 to 1. For the Detroit Diesel 6V92 Turbo Engines (6V92T) the compression ratio is 17 to 1.

The Detroit 6V92 Engine has a total displacement of 552 inches or 9.05 liters, and has 4 main bearings.

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Repair kits for the 6V92 Detroit Diesel

We offer several repair kits for the Detroit 6V92 engine. These kits come complete with everything you will need for a quick fix, and can help you avoid replacing an entire engine component. Even if your engine is running fine now, it is a good idea to keep some of these kits in your shop, especially if you will be in a remote area, such as on a boat.

6V92 Detroit Diesel Fresh Water Pump Repair: We offer several fresh water pump repair kits. We have one for marine engines and one for your standard industrial engine. To see more select an option below:
Turbo Engine   Natural or Non-Turbo Engines

6V92 Detroit Diesel Sea Water Pump Repair: The sea water intake is a very important part of the marine engine, and can easily become clogged with seaweed or other debris. Luckily we have a repair kit, perfect for the engine that is going from port to port. These kits include an impeller, water seal, oil seal, bearing, shaft, gaskets and more. To see more information, select your engine:
Turbo Engine     Natural or Non-Turbo Engine

6V92 Detroit Diesel Fuel Pump Repair Kit: Our kit will work with both left and right hand oriented engines. Please select your engine to see more:
Turbo Engine     Natural or Non-Turbo Engine

6V92 Detroit Diesel Blower Repair: The blower is absolutely key to the engine running smoothly. Our blower repair kits come with seals, gaskets and more. If you would like to see this valuable kit, select your engine type here:
Turbo Engine     Natural or Non-Turbo Engine

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Detroit Diesel 6V92 Maintenance Procedures

Listed here are some maintenance tips for the Detroit 6V92. Please note that these are meant to be general steps and may differ slightly based on the engine model you have. Always take care to note where items are removed and make sure they are replaced properly. If there is any doubt, consult with an experienced Diesel mechanic, or give us a call and we will help.

Detroit Diesel 6V92: Replacing the Oil Filter

The Detroit 6V92 absolutely needs clean oil in order to keep functioning as it should. The good news is, keeping the oil clean is a relatively easy process, by monitoring and replacing the oil filter every 1000 hours of operation. Here are the steps:

Step One: Inspect the shell, or outer part, of the filter. If it is obviously damaged, the entire unit should be replaced. Remove the drain plug from the bottom of the filter shell. Drain the oil.

Step Two: Locate the center stud, a long bar that runs the length of the oil filter. Remove the shell, element, and stud from the engine. Throw the element and shell's gasket.

Step Three: Remove the center studs and the gasket. If the gasket is not damaged, it can be reused. Locate the element retainer seal. Remove and discard it.

Step Four: Using the filter removal tool, take the filter out and throw it away. Remove the bypass valve by taking the screw/retainer or plug/gasket off.

Step Five: Clean the filter shell and base. The bypass valve can be cleaned in fuel oil.

Step Six: Install the center stud gasket and slide it through the filter shell. Install a new shell gasket, and put a new element over the center stud. Replace the drain plug.

Step Seven: Add oil and check the level with the dipstick.

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Detroit Diesel 6V92: Replacing a Fuel Injector

When you look at the top of the cylinders, you will be able to see three rocker arms for each cylinder. The two outer ones operate the exhaust valves, and the center will operate the injector. This one that operates the injector will be slightly longer on one side compared to the others. These arms move on a shaft that has two brackets, and removing these brackets allow the rocker arms to be raised and then access the fuel injector. A step by step guide is below:

Step One: Remove the valve rocker cover and discard the gasket. Then, locate small tubes going into the injector and the fuel connectors and disconnect them.

Step Two: Bring the injector and the valve rocker arms in line horizontally by cranking the engine. Remove the two rocker shaft bracket bolts and move the rocker arms away from the injector and the valves.

Step Three: Take the injector clamp bolt, washer and a the clamp. Locate the injector rack control lever. Loosen the screws holding it in place and slide it away from the injector.

Step Four: Lift the injector from its seat and cover the hole to keep dirt and debris out of the cylinder head.

Step Five: Install the new injector and tighten to 27.12 N•m or 20-25 lb •ft.

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