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Clear fishing lines spools are made for serious fishermen who want the line to be invisible to his or her potential fish. Bullbuster provides the industry's best price on its 1/4 lb, 1 lb and 5 lb premium grade clear monofilament fishing lines.   A unique feature of our premium monofilament fishing lines are the peel off stickers located on each fishing line spool.  This sticker is put on your fishing rod to let you know the specific line you are using and to mark the date you start using it.  This makes it easy for you to determine when it may be time to change your fishing line and type to replace it with.  Bullbuster fishing lines have high abrasion resistance ratings, are soft and flexible, exhibit low memory.  They are designed with special emphasis on wet knot strength and maintain a high tensile strength to diameter ratio which translates to more fishing line on your real.

Bullbuster clear fishing lines are available from 15 to 200 lb test.   Each of premium  monofilament clear fishing line spool come with a 100% money back guarantee and 24hr worldwide shipping direct to you.