Marine Gauge Panel - Complete mechanical with alarm gauge set, engine starter botton & stainless steel panel (Heavy Duty)

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  • Marine Gauge Panel,Complete mechanical with alarm gauge set,engine starter botton,stainless steel panel,Heavy Duty,PANELMSG

Complete mechanical with alarm gauge panel set. Stainless steel, (Heavy Duty)

Price: $556.38

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This panel can be configured for your needs without price change.  As shown in the pictures it consist of the following premium heavy duty products:

1.- Stainless steel panel

2.- Mechanical tachometer 0 to 3,000 RPM

3.- Mechanical engine oil pressure gauge 0 to 100 psi - with switch

4.- Mechanical marine transmission oil pressure gauge 0 to 400 psi - with switch

5.- Mechanical water temperature gauge 0 to 250 degrees (you specify the length of capilary) - with switch

6.- Voltmeter - 12 volts (can be changed to 24 volts)

7.- Engine starter botton (heavy duty)

When you select and purchase this panel, we will contact you to ask you

a.- where you tachometer will be mounted  ( camshaft, blower or somewhere else)

b.- Length of water temperature gauge capilary you require, and

c.- 12 or 24 volt voltmeter required.

This will allow us to ship your custom marine gauge panel. ( price remains the same)

weight: 10.62 Lbs.