Caring for Your Aging Marine Diesel Engine

Caring for Your Aging Marine Diesel Engine

November 28, 2019

Wondering how to maintain your marine diesel engine as it ages? You've come to the right place. Diesel engines boast impressive durability, efficiency and longevity, but as they get older, they require more care and attention to continue providing reliable service. Keep reading for useful advice about caring for and prolonging the life of an aging marine diesel engine.   How to Service and Maintain a Marine Diesel Engine Emissions standards and other regulations tend to become more stringent over time — yet many aging marine engines are still able to perform within the letter of the law. Here are some of the fundamentals of…
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common diesel engine fuel problems

Common Diesel Engine Fuel Problems

November 26, 2019

Diesel engines are efficient, durable and the engine of choice for heavy equipment and boats. If you're a boat operator, you're probably no stranger to diesel engine fuel problems. It's important to know the signs of trouble as soon as they begin.   How to Spot a Problem in Your Boat's Diesel Engine Fuel Here are some of the most common diesel engine fuel problems you're likely to encounter: Deposits in the Combustion Chamber Conventional gasoline burns more cleanly than diesel, which means diesel engines are prone to developing deposit buildups. This reduces the total usable volume of the chamber and…
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diesel engine cylinder head buying guide

Diesel Engine Cylinder Head Buying Guide

November 21, 2019

The diesel cylinder head in your engine probably doesn't get a lot of attention until you notice a problem with your boat's performance. Without cylinder heads, there'd be no pressure seal within engine cylinders or the internal combustion that powers modern engines. Additional responsibilities of diesel engine cylinder heads include:   Provides a housing at the top of the engine block for the combustion chamber, exhaust valves, lifters and springs. Lets air into the combustion process and evacuates exhaust. Helps fuel and coolant move through the marine engine smoothly. When it's time to replace your marine engine's cylinder heads, refer to…
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Flywheel vs. Flexplate: Differences and When You May Need New Parts

Flexplate VS Flywheel & When You Might Need to Service Them

November 19, 2019

The question of buying a flexplate vs flywheel is an important one. These two components serve vital functions and help marine engines run smoothly. That means telling the difference between  a flywheel or flexplate and knowing when they need to be replaced is critical. What Is a Flywheel? Manual transmission flywheels in boats are thicker than an automatic transmission flexplate because they have to withstand greater amounts of friction. They provide a durable and stable surface for the clutch. The extra mass adds to the engine’s inertia as it rotates, so the boat is less likely to stall as it…
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What Causes Engine Overheating or Failure?

What Causes an Engine to Overheat & Signs of Overheated Engine Damage

November 14, 2019

Your diesel engine needs to stay at a reasonable temperature to work properly. An engine overheating causes reduced performance or a complete failure, resulting in a replacement. If you find your diesel engine overheating it is possible to diagnose the problem and get everything running again. Discover some of the reasons for engine overheating in boats and some helpful engine overheating troubleshooting tips. Causes of Industrial Diesel Engines Overheating A diesel engine overheating can happen often because it can’t effectively manage heat. To find the causes of overheating, check for issues such as: Coolant level and quality: If your coolant level is too low,…
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Signs You Need to Replace Your Cylinder Head

How to Check Cylinder Head for Cracks: Our Guide to Replacing Cylinder Heads

November 12, 2019

Your cylinder head is an important part of your engine. It is part of the combustion chamber where fuel and air flow through and exhaust flows out. If problems with your cylinder head are not addressed, it can lead to a cracked cylinder head which will cause your engine to go bad. If this happens, often the best thing to do is replace it. On this page, we’re going to address what some of the bad cylinder head symptoms are and how to tell if a cylinder head is cracked.   What Causes a Cylinder Head to Go Bad? First,…
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