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Detroit Diesel® 2 and 4 cycle engines
Engine gauges,marine gauges,oil pressure gauge,temperature gauge,water level gauge,ammeter,voltmeter,hourmeter
Twin Disc parts,marine gear,marine transmission,clutches
Allison MH parts,marine gear,marine transmission,Allison M part
raw & sea marine pumps for detroit diesel, cummins, caterpillar,john deere, northern lights, westerbeke, volvo, kohler, yanmar

Parts for Detroit Diesel, Allison, Twin Disc - Online & Direct to You 

Detroit Diesel 53, 71,92, 149 and 60 Series Parts and Engines

Diesel Pro Power is the largest direct online distributor of parts for Detroit Diesel engines.  Our job is to empower Detroit Diesel engine owners all over the world with the ability to find and buy parts in seconds.  Our site is intuitive, quick, easy and 100% error proof with 24hr shipping that guarantees that the service, repair or overhaul of your engine is accomplished in no time.  Click on our Detroit Diesel Parts and Engines Section and see for yourself how to find what you need.  You will find more than parts.  You now have access a troubleshooting guide for your specific engine where you are able to educate yourself on the what, why, how and where of engine underperformance.  This information will allow for a more educated conversation with your diesel mechanic about your the scope of work that may be required.

We cover all Detroit Diesel parts from the old two stroke engines to the newer Series 60 engines applications. This includes parts for Detroit Diesel marine, truck, mining, generator, agricultural and military. We service Detroit Diesel engines 353, 453, 6V53, 8V53, 271, 371, 471,671, 6V71, 8V71, 12V71, 16V71, 6V92, 8V92, 12V92, 16V92, 8V149, 12V149, 11.1, 12.7 and 14L. We also have category pages where you can see all of our blowers, cylinder heads, and more.   You have found The Most Reliable Way to Buy Detroit Diesel Parts Online!

Twin Disc ® Marine Gears and Parts

Overhaul Parts for all Twin Disc ® marine transmission are just a click away. Quickly and easily find the most commonly used parts to service, repair new, rebuilt or used Twin Disc ® marine gears such as: mg502, mg506, mg507, mg5050, mg5061, mg5075, mg509, mg5090, mg5091, mg5111, mg514, mg5114, mg518, mg521, and mg527. Being the largest end-user direct replacement parts distributor in the USA Twin Disc ® Marine Transmission parts, you can count on our 24hr shipping.

Allison Marine Parts

We have Allison marine parts in stock and ready to ship.  This line was exclusively manufactured for Detroit Diesel marine engines comes in 2 models, M and MH. The Allison marine transmission M is the earlier version and comes in sub-models representing the available ratios. They are M15, M15L, M15R, M20, M20L, and M20R. The letter M is for model M. 15 if for ration 1.5 to 1. L or R is for transmission rotation. L for left hand rotation and R for right hand rotation. The Allison marine transmission MH, a heavier duty marine gear that comes in the following sub-models representing the different ratio options MH20, MH20L, MH20R, MH45, MH45L, and MH45R.