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Troubleshooting Detroit Diesel ® Engines

To troubleshoot your Detroit Diesel ® engine it is always best to first consult your owner’s operating manual provided at the time you purchased your diesel engine. The links below represent a quick reference guide of the most common questions asked by owners of the specific Detroit Diesel ® engine you have when something appears to be not properly working. A malfunction or underperformance of the diesel engine may be coming from many different areas or systems such as air system, oil system, cooling system etc. You may notice from your gauge panel for example that the engine in overheating, that the oil pressure is low or that the engine is smoking. The chart provide in the link that refers to your specific Detroit Diesel ® will serve as a quick reference to narrow down the origin or the cause of the potential problem. This in turn will better enable you to describe the situation to a diesel mechanic over the telephone before he or she sees the engine. You would also be in a better position to understand his or her recommended course of corrective action.

Since the chart is a quick reference guide only, it must not be thought of as a substitute for the use of your Detroit Diesel ® engine Owner's operating or service manual.

Please select the engine model of your engine from the links below: