Choosing the Right Cummins Engine for Your Yacht

Choose the Best Small Cummins Engine for Your Yacht

October 15, 2020

Your yacht needs a high-quality engine to perform at its best and give you the greatest boating experience possible. This need is where Cummins boat engines come into play. They’re some of the most fuel-efficient, best small marine diesel engines around, and many yacht owners trust them to power their vessels. Before you invest in a Cummins yacht engine, you should know how to decide on the best one for your yacht. As you look for your new Cummins diesel engine, take a moment to consider your power options, maintenance requirements, space needs and other crucial factors. These will ensure…
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Understanding Squeeze Bulb Priming on Detroit Diesel Powered Boats

Understanding Squeeze Bulb Priming on Detroit Diesel Powered Boats

October 5, 2020

Squeeze bulbs are essential to feeding fuel to your engine. Many savvy boaters take the time to understand these components to ensure their engine operates at peak efficiency. Though some people can sometimes overlook the importance of squeeze bulbs, they're crucial to the engine's performance. As you begin understanding boat primer bulbs more thoroughly, you'll want to learn the basics of how squeeze bulbs work and how you can prime them to get the best performance. You'll also want to know more about some common troubleshooting steps you can take in case your squeeze bulb doesn't work correctly. This article…
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Cummins 6BTA Thermostats: How to choose them?

September 24, 2020

Sometimes boat owners think they can skimp out on replacing an outdated thermostat. While an engine thermostat is a small part of a marine engine, it is crucial for the engine’s overall health. Due to its importance, it’s critical not to discount the value of monitoring your Cummins thermostat and replacing it when needed to ensure your engine runs at its top performance. Learn more about what marine engine thermostats do and how you can choose the right one for your Cummins 6BTA engine. Thermostats for Marine Engines A Cummins 6BTA marine engine thermostat does more than monitor the engine’s…
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The Cummins QSK95: One of the Most Powerful Diesel Engines in the World

September 5, 2020

The Cummins QSK95 rules the seas. It's one of the world's largest diesel engines available, and many marine boats around the globe are already using the engine's incredible Cummins power for various applications. Alongside its power, the QSK95 is designed for minimized environmental impact, making it attractive to many environmentally conscious companies. Want to know more about what makes the QSK95 the most powerful diesel engine? Keep reading to find out the immense Cummins power this engine carries, as well as the many features that make it so impressive.   The Most Powerful High-Speed Diesel Engine for Marine Vessels If…
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Why You Should Never Idle Your Detroit Diesel Engine

August 12, 2020

Common misconceptions about marine diesel engines have led to many boaters acquiring bad engine idling habits. A marine diesel engine is not meant to idle before going under power, but unfortunately, it happens often. The outcome is wasted efforts on the boat owner's part at best, and at worst, behavior that puts your diesel marine engine at risk. All boaters need to know the specific practices that apply exclusively to marine engines and avoid believing misconceptions about letting their engines idle to warm up. Ultimately, it is bad to let your diesel engine idle, but perhaps not for the reasons…
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Detroit Diesel Injector Failure — What You Need to Know

July 26, 2020

One of the most critical parts of a diesel engine is the fuel injection system. This system pressurizes and injects fuel into the air that the combustion chamber has compressed. A fuel injection system causes the fuel quantity to adjust, the fuel to atomize, the injection timing to change and the fuel to feed into injectors. Overall, fuel injectors ensure the fuel gets into the engine optimally. They also ensure the fuel is in the right form for an engine's combustion process. Fuel injectors are regularly used in engines to keep their emissions cleaner, reduce the need for fuel system…
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