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Detroit Diesel Series 149 PartsDetroit Diesel Series 149 PartsDetroit Diesel Series 149 Parts

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Detroit 8V149 Crankshaft Oil Seals

The crankshaft oil seals are used at each end of the crankshaft to keep the lubricating oil in the crankcase. Use the guide below to determine when to replace them:

Is the rear oil seal leaking? Remove the rear oil seal. Check if the oil seal bore is in limits. If it’s not, replaced the flywheel housing. If the oil seal bore is not in limits, then check the oil seal sleeve. Is the front oil seal leaking? If yes, remove it and replace it.

How to remove the Detroit Series 8V149 Crankshaft Oil Seals

For the front seal:
(1) Remove the vibration dampers from the front end of the crankshaft hub. (2) Remove the outboard bearing support from the engine front cover. (3) Support the inner face of the outboard bearing support on wood blocks, then pry the oil seal out of the support.

For the rear seal:
(1) Remove the flywheel from the engine. (2) (Current Style) Remove the outboard bearing support from the flywheel housing. Support the inner face of the outboard bearing support on wood blocks. Then pry the oil seal out of the support. (3) (Older style) Drill two diametrically opposite holes in the oil seal casing. Thread a metal screw with a flat washer into each hole. Using a pry bar against each of the flat washers, remove the oil seal. (4) When necessary to remove a worn front or rear sleeve, peen the outside diameter of the sleeve until it stretches sufficiently and slip it off the end of the crankshaft. (5) Stone the high spots from the oil seal contact surface of the crankshaft.

Installing the Front Crankshaft Seals

Replace the oil seal sleeve whenever a new oil seal is installed. An oversized oil seal must be used with the sleeve. Before installing either crankshaft oil sleeve, front or rear, check for sharp corners, scratches, inclusions or nicks. If the sleeve is damaged, replace it. Install the front oil seal sleeve as follows: (1) Support the front vibration damper hub on the bed of an arbor press. (2) Apply a thin coat of Loctite 620 or similar. (3) Press the oil seal sleeve flush with the vibration damper hub and wipe off excess sealant.

When to Replace the Piston Rings on a Detroit 8V149

Piston rings are some of the most important of the Detroit 8V149 parts. To determine when it is time to replace, remove the airbox covers and inspect through the cylinder liner ports on the piston rings. Check for free movement. If the rings do not rebound when depressed, replace. Put the airbox covers back on.

How to Install the Raw Water Pump on a Detroit 8V149

(1) Remove the clean cloth covering the pump opening. (2) Install the pump straight into the flywheel housing while engraving the drive gear to the coupling. (3) Tap the edge of the adaptor with a soft hammer to secure the pump into the housing. (4) Install the adaptor to flywheen housing bolts and lock washers.

Use two flat washers on the bolt being installed in the blind hole in the pump housing.

(5) Install new gaskets to the inlet and outlet elbows and pump, and install the elbows on the pump. The end cover is marked to show the outlet port for right hand rotation and the outlet port for left hand rotation. Follow these marks when installing the raw water pump to avoid any difficulty regarding flow direction. (6) Secure the inlet and outlet elbows to the pump with bolts and lock washers. (7) Slide the hose onto the inlet tube and tighten the hose clamps at the inlet elbow. (8) Slide the hose onto the outlet tube, and tighten the hose clamps at the outlet elbow. (9) Replace the drain cocks, and fill the raw water system.

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