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Detroit Diesel 8V149, 12V149 and 16V149 Superchargers

Detroit Diesel’s V149 series are some of the largest engines produced. These massive engines have found a home in many tugboats, mining equipment, and other large pieces of machinery. With anywhere from 8 to 20 cylinder, these engines require a blower that can handle the task at hand, and with some engines requiring multiple blowers, proper care is extremely important. At Diesel Pro, we offer you high quality parts that are guaranteed to handle the strength of these engines. We have specialized sections dedicated to the 8V149, 8V149 Turbo, 12V149, 12149 Turbo, 16V149 and 16V149 Turbo, uniquely divided to make sure the part you need is the part you get. If you ever need any help, we are here for you. Simply click on the chat button above, send us an email, or give us a call.

V149 Supercharger/ Blower Questions

What should I do if I suspect the blower is leaking oil?
One of the classic signs of an oil leak is a dark coloration on the blower’s lobe, and in it’s interior. The valves should be checked whenever possible. We offer a seal repair kit that will have all of the seals that you will need, guaranteed to fit your engine.

The blower is making an odd / loud noise, what should I do?
If you want to avoid buying a new blower, you could repair it. Bad bearings and shims can cause an imbalance in the blower, a piece of machinery that operates in a very small amount of space. If you hear any noises, or otherwise suspect the blower is not revolving as it should be, you should stop use of the engine and repair as soon as possible. Excessive use with an improperly moving blower can not only lead to needing a replacement blower, but can lead to more serious engine trouble. We offer a repair kit that comes complete with bearings, seals and shims. Since this kit is much less expensive than a new supercharger, it can save you money in the long run.

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