Detroit Diesel Blower - 3-71 Blower Section

Detroit Diesel 3-71 Blower | 71 Series

We distribute fully remanufactured Detroit 371 blowers. We understand the market for Detroit parts and in particular the urgency of replacing one when one malfunctions. Our stock is the largest in the industry which enables the quickest response time. You do not have to send your old unit to get one. We ship one direct to replacement the old unit or the parts to repair, service or install it. We act like the Detroit Diesel emergency room. Always ready and prepared to act when you need us. If you’re looking for the best Detroit Diesel blowers, then Diesel Pro Power is the company that you need to turn to. Our Detroit Diesel blowers are among the best in the industry and have been crafted for endurance and durability. Whether you’re looking for entirely new diesel blowers or just looking for replacement parts for your existing diesel blowers, we have plenty of parts in stock. Perhaps you simply need accessories for your diesel blowers. No matter what you need to make your engine operate more efficiently, we are here to assist you.
We are dedicated to serving your needs to the best of our abilities, and that’s why we are willing to help engineer a custom system solution that is perfect for your needs if you can’t find one in our existing stock that will suit your purposes. Both our mechanically-driven and shaft-driven blower systems can be installed on all Detroit engine applications. No matter whether you want an entirely remanufactured blower or simply its parts we can ship it the same day. We are here to assist you in doing so. In addition, we can also build skid-mounted electrical motor engines or help you create packages that are driven specifically to the type of engine system that you have. Our inventory includes all 371 blower gasket kit, shaft, coupling, seals and many parts! You will find what you need fast and easy. Contact us today to acquire the blowers or replacement parts that you need.

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