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Detroit Diesel 12V92 Troubleshooting

Detroit Diesel 12V92 Troubleshooting

The chart below shows the most common questions asked by owners of Detroit Diesel® engines 12V92 Natural when trying to troubleshoot why their engines underperform.  It categorizes areas of possible malfunction, likely cause and recommended action to bring your new, rebuilt or used  Detroit Diesel® engine back to proper operation.  The chart will give you confidence when speaking with your Detroit Diesel® engine mechanic or ordering parts.  As a quick reference guide only, the chart must not be thought of as a substitute for the use of your Detroit Diesel® engine 12V92 Natural Owner's operating or service manual.
For your convinience in looking up parts and pricing, please click here. You can also call us at 1-888-433-4735 or 305-545-5588.   We also encourage you to do a Google search for Detroit Diesel forum or Detroit Diesel forum 12v92 where you may find information from other people that have had the same question you have about your diesel engine.




Engine will not startLack of air intake or restricted air intake
Broken blower shaft 
Worn out blower shaft 
Defective fuel pump 
Defective starter 
Discharged battery 
High exhaust back pressure 
Black smoke coming out of engine Defective injector 
Contaminated fuel 
Broken or worn cylinder parts 
Engine overloaded 
Faulty intercooler or aftercooler (for turbo engines only) 
White smoke coming out of engine Broken piston ring 
Incorrectly installed ring set 
Defective injector 
Fuel quality or grade 
Long idle periods 
Broken or bent push rod 
Injector or governor improperly adjusted 
Low engine oil pressure Water in engine oil pan 
Fuel in engine oil pan 
Defective oil cooler 
Engine overloaded 
Crankcase overfilled 
Low engine RPMImproperly working injector 
Governor calibration 
Hi engine RPMGovernor calibration 
Engine overheatingDefective fresh water pump 
Defective raw water pump (marine engines only) 
Defective thermostat or thermostat seal 
Clogged radiator or heat exchanger (marine engine only) 
Grey smoke coming out of engineLong idle periods 
Defective intercooler or aftercooler (for turbo engine only) 
Restricted air intake 
Defective injector 
Contaminated fuel 
Blower or turbocharger seals leaking 
Geartrain makes noises Low oil level 
Engine driven accesories 
Damage main or rod bearing 

Need More Specific information? We offer Detroit Diesel 12V92 Manual


Detroit Diesel 12V92 Usefull Information 

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This engine, like other Detroit Diesels, has both a serial number and a model number. The serial number will start with 12VF, such as "12VF1234". The model number is an eight digit code, and for this engine, the model number will always start with 816, such as "8162-7000".

General Information

The Detroit Diesel 12V92 is a two cycle engine with a displacement of 1104 cubic inches or 18.1 liters. This engine has 7 main bearings, a stroke of 5 inches and a bore of 4.84 inches.

The natural or non-turbo engine has an oil capacity of 28-36 quarts. With filters, the capacity will be slightly lower, or 26.5-34.1 quarts. The turbocharged engine has a capacity of 38 quarts, with a minimum of 26.5 quarts needed for proper operation.

For turbo engines:

Please note this information is based on engine performance with a 12V-TAB marine engine with a TW-83 turbo and a 1.19 A/R turbine housing.

The normal oil pressure is 60 PSI at 2300 RPM, and a minimum of 40 PSI is needed for proper operation. The temperature of the lubricating oil should remain at 250 degrees F or less.

The normal coolant temperature is 185 degrees F at 2300 RPM, with a maximum of 200 degrees F.

The compression (at sea level) is 500 PSI at 600 RPM, with a minimum of 450 PSI at 600 RPM.

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