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Detroit 8V92 Parts and Information

8V92 Detroit Diesel Parts+

If you are looking for parts for the Detroit 8V92, you have come to the right place. We know that our parts are reliable, which is why we offer one year warranties on new products, and guarantee your satisfaction with a 30 day money back guarantee and returns on unused merchandise. Plus, we believe that buying parts should be fast and easy. That is why we have designed an easy to use website, with clear product descriptions, and multiple pictures of actual merchandise. This means that you don't have to waste time looking for part numbers, or spend time looking at lists of products with vague descriptions. Just clear, easy to understand descriptions you can actually use. We also fully integrate shipping options into our website so shipping is easy too. When you checkout, you will see multiple options, allowing you to choose the best option; ground shipping if you're trying to save money, or over-night shipping if you need it right away.

Simply put, Diesel Pro is the best choice for buying parts online. Click above to see parts or scroll down for more information.

Detroit Diesel 8V92 Specs and General Information

All 8V92 engines will have a model number will start with 808, such as 8081-234. The serial number will start with 8VF, such as 8VF1234.

8 cylinder engine. Total displacement of 12.07 liters or 736 inches cubed. 5 main bearings.

Bore of 4.84 inches or 123mm, Stroke is 5 inches or 127 mm.

The Compression Ratio is 17 to 1 for turbo engines, and 19 to 1 for natural engines.

Oil capacity will be between 17 to 23 quarts, with a total capacity of 25 quarts. Oil pressure will be between 32-47 PSI at 1200 RPM, 50-70 PSI at 1800-2100 RPM.

Oil temperature is between 200-235 degrees F.

Normal fuel pressure is between 45-70 PSI.

Cooling system normal temperature is between 170 to 195 degrees F. For engines built before 1976, the normal coolant temperature will be ten degrees lower.

Alternate Names

This engine, like many of the Detroit Diesel engines, is used in many applications, including MCI busses, Viking boats, Freightliner Trucks, generators, tractors, and many, many more. Due to the varied uses, and since this engine has been around for many years, the engine has many other names. To clarify, if you are looking for parts for the Detroit Diesel 8V92TA (turbo aftercooled, found under our turbo engine section) V8-92 or similar, we carry them.

Detroit Diesel 8V92 Marine Parts

We have spent the past twenty years servicing many satisfied customers, and we have been proud to serve those who have worked on or around Detroit Diesel powered boats. We offer several complimentary products that are made for marine only applications. Be sure to also look into our sections for the following products:

We have whole turbo and natural engines for sale. These engines are thoroughly cleaned and inspected remanufactured pieces. Please select the engine below to see more:
Natural Engine     Turbo Engine

Be sure to also look at our seawater pump page. This page has everything you will need for this very valuable part. Be sure to always check the water strainer, since this piece can often become clogged with debris from the water, which can lead to more serious problems with the rest of the engine. To see more, please select your engine:
Natural Engine     Turbo Engine

We also offer products that are also frequently purchased by those who work around boats. These include life-jackets, sirens, toilets and more. To see this area, please click here:
View Marine Accessories Page

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