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Detroit Diesel Parts By Category | Detroit Diesel Fresh Water Pump Repair Kits

Detroit Diesel Fresh Water Pump Repair Kits

Detroit Diesel Fresh Water Pump Repair Kits for 53, 71, 92 149 & 60 Series

The next time that you head off for a day of fun on the lake, you might want to take the time to listen to the way your boat sounds. Any abnormal sound coming from the engine can indicate a serious problem that will leave your engine in the repair shop for days or even weeks. If you notice water leaking into the engine, stop and think before you invest in a new pump. Fresh water pump repair kits can make quick work of the problems that you have on your hands.
A pump repair kit comes with everything you need to repair the pump and get it functioning again. Instead of spending hours scratching your head when you take a look at those parts, you'll get a kit that includes several different components. Detroit Diesel fresh water pump repair kits come in a number of different varieties that are suitable for 8.2 liter, 6V71, 6-71 Turbo, 12V92 and dozens of other engine types. As long as you know the size of your engine, you'll know exactly which size to buy.
Diesel Pro Power makes it easy for you to get the right parts. One thing that might throw you for a loop is the difference between saltwater and fresh water pumps. Saltwater pumps are often larger and more complex and feature a special coating that keeps the salt from causing rust or corrosion on the metal components. When you buy from Diesel Pro Power, you can easily find a fresh water pump that will get you back on the water quickly.
One reason so many shoppers turn to Diesel Pro Power for their Diesel engine needs is its fast shipping policy. Your order will ship from its facility within 24 hours of placing it. You'll also receive a 100% guarantee on any parts that you buy. Shop today for fresh water pump repair kits and much more.