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Do you have a Detroit Diesel Bus Engine or Truck Engine?


Repairing or rebuilding your Detroit Diesel bus or truck engine used to be complicated, expensive or both. This was common not only for individual bus or truck owners but for owners of bus or truck fleets. Examples of this were city, state mass transit city buses and large national transport companies such as Greyhound having Detroit Diesel bus engines like 6-71, 6V71, 6V92, 8V71 and 8V92.

This all changed with Diesel Pro Power online. Diesel Pro Power eliminated both complication and high cost. All you need to know is the model of the bus or truck engine you are about to repair. The engine models come in natural or turbo and it may be in the case of a city bus a Detroit Diesel 6V92 turbo engine. With this information alone, you will have access, within seconds, to parts for your specific bus or truck engine. Parts such as cylinder heads, engine blocks, crankshafts, blowers, manifolds, cylinder kits, overhaul gasket sets, oil pumps, oil coolers, water pumps, radiators, silencers, mufflers and repair kits and more. Click here or below to select from a list Detroit Diesel engine models and to find the parts you need.

Cylinder Heads, Cylinder Blocks, Crankshafts, Manifolds, Blowers, Intercoolers, Connecting Rods, Fuel Pumps, Oil Pumps, Turbochargers, Water Pumps, Engine Kits, Engine Rebuilding Kit, Engine In-Frame Kits, Engine Manuals, Oil Cooler, Silencers, Filters, Tools, Repair kits, Head Gasket sets, Engine Overhaul Kits, & Much More