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Caterpillar Raw Water Pumps

This page contains our Caterpillar raw water engine pumps. These Caterpillar brand is known for being rugged and dependable, and our pumps are the same. These pumps serve the important role of bringing water from outside of the boat to help cool the engine. Built from high quality allows, our pumps are brand-new and covered by our one year warranty, so you can buy with confidence. We offer many models, including the very popular Caterpillar 3116 water pump.

Replacement of these pumps is a relatively easy process. Simply remove the bolts that attach the unit to the engine and pull forward. Some oil may be present on the back of the pump and may spill, which can be prevented by prepping the area with several towels or similar under the pump. Our replacement pumps include the body and new impeller, but do not include the gear that drive it, which should be saved from the old unit. It is recommended that the pumps for a Caterpillar engine, and especially the impeller, be inspected every year with normal use, or every three months with heavy use, high RPM or when used in silt or sandy situations.

If you are shopping by part number instead, this page has the following pumps:
Jabsco 17810-1300 | See Pump
Jabsco 17970-0000 | See Pump
Gilkes M Series Pump 250/700 | See Pump
Sherwood 1726C, 1726X | See Pump
Sherwood 1701C | See Pump
Sherwood 1710A, 1710X | See Pump

If you need any additional help with your Caterpillar water pump replacement, please give us a call and we will be happy to help you.

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