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Cummins Raw Water Pumps

This page features Cummins Raw Water Pumps, also referred to as sea water Pumps. These pumps play the very important role of keeping the boat's engine cool, and can cause major issues when it is not functioning properly. Our pumps are tough and reliable, and we know that if you try us you will like our products.

All of the pumps listed here are covered by our one-year warranty. If you have not changed your pump in the last 1000 hours of operation, it is a good idea to check it, especially if there are any signs of oil leaking. Listed below are some general descriptions, including the model of pump that would be needed for a specific engine, as a reference if you are shopping by pump number instead.

The pump for the B series is one of the most popular products we carry. This engine is known for having its dependable inline formation and long-lasting performance. The first number roughly translates to the displacement of the engine, so a 4 B engine (sometimes called 3.9) is about 4 liters. We have pumps for the 6BTA marine engine, which is one of our most commonly purchased items. We also carry pumps for many other models, and we have listed them below in case you are using a reference number such as the pump part number or the Cummins part number. To help with your search, please click on any description below to jump to the right page.

Jabsco 7420-010 | See Pump
Sherwood 1730 | See Pump
Sherwood M70 Pumps | See Pump
Sherwood M71 Pumps | See Pump
Sherwood P1727C | See Pump
Sherwood P1727X | See Pump
Sherwood P1730C | See Pump
Sherwood P1730X | See Pump

Note About C Series Engines
Cummins also produces a popular C series engine. This engine is larger than the B series, with a displacement of about 8.3 liters. These Engines have multiple pumps, and we have pumps for the popular 6CTA and ISC8.3 engines. To determine which is yours, look at the pump in a way that the two openings are on the top, like a V formation, and with the cover that says "Rotation" facing you. If the mounting hole is higher on the left, then click on 11 degree rotation option. If the mounting hole on the right is higher, select the 16 degree rotation option to get the right part.

C series pumps with the 16 degree rotation (mounting hole higher on right when viewed from the front) use Sherwood Pump models P1727C, P1727X | See Pump

C series pumps with the 11 degree rotation (mounting hole higher on left when viewed from the front) use 1730, P1730C, P1730X Sherwood Pumps | See Pump

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