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Northern Lights Raw Water Pumps

This page feature Northern Lights marine pumps. This brand is known as a fine maker of generators, with some of their most popular models being used on yachts, work boats and many other marine applications. For a generator, or other engine, to successfully work on a boat, it needs a high-quality raw water pump to help keep the generator cool and running at its best. Our pumps are built to last, and made out of durable alloys that can resist corrosion, even with frequent use. To shop for a pump now, simply click on the generator size that is the best match. If you are unsure which part will match your power-unit, we have some information below to help guide you on which pump fits which engine.

The model M643 is one of our most popular units that we provide parts for. This generator has an output of 3.5 or 5 kW. The slightly larger M673 is slightly larger, at 28.5 inches long, and an output of 4.5 or 5 kW. Some models of the M673L3 can have an output of 6kW. If you have any of these models, please click here to see the right pump.

The three cylinder 773 series outputs either 7 or 9 kW, and the 843 series outputs between 10 to 12 kW. Most of the pumps above 12 kW are four cylinder engines. This includes the 844, which has an output between 14 to 20 kW, and has a length between 39 to 46 inches. These generators will use the same size raw water pump, which can be seen by clicking here.

The generators in the 864 and 944 series are 4 cylinder generators that use our larger pump, which can be viewed by clicking here to view the right raw water pump.

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