The Benefits of Using Teleflex Boat Cables

It is a mistake to believe that all boat cables are the same. The reason that many people likely assume that most boat cables are the same is because they tend to look the same. And it is true that almost all cables are basically the same on the outside, which is why it is understandable that people believe most cables are the same. What’s different about all cables, however, is what is inside of them. The size and the type of the core wire, also called the sliding element, has more impact on the performance of the cable than the outside of the cable does, and is why it is important that you get a good cable for your boat.

Types of Cables

There are a few basic types of cables. The first is a wire rope core. This type of cable is used generally in tension-only cables, which have a spring return. You might use one in an automotive accelerator cable, for instance. They work beautifully but they do not work well when they have to push a load. Solid core wires are used in most push-pull cables. They’re economical and generally seem to be great cables. Unfortunately they don’t hold up when they have to be placed in tight bends or in multiple bends. They become very hard to operate and are why many people try to avoid them. 

An armored core is made by wrapping a metal ribbon around rope wire. This makes it stiffer so it tends to push the load better, and it is more flexible than the solid core. Unfortunately it can become too stiff if it is used too much. A coated wire rope core is used in cables that are designed for tight bends. Unfortunately it doesn’t do well through multiple bends, and it actually can have issues in really tight bends as well.


Teleflex ropes are different from all of the other cables available to purchase for your boat because the core is designed extremely differently. With the Teleflex ropes, buyers are getting a splined core. This core has ridges inside of it which allows it to glide back and forth smoothly. It gives boaters easy movement with a minimum amount of lost motion, giving boaters the best of both worlds.

These wires use coated wire rope that gives you the flexibility of wire rope with the strength that you can find in a solid core wire and he efficiency during bends that you can find in an armored core wire rope. If you can imagine a drain snake that has rollers all around it, you’re seeing a bit of the power behind Teleflex technology. .

These premium grade cables are designed for long routings and will last for a very long time, which is what most boaters are looking for. If you’re searching for a choice that is designed to be tough, and yet flexible at the same time, there’s none better than the Teleflex.

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