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Detroit Diesel Engine Overhaul Repair Kit 12V92 TI

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  • Detroit Diesel engine 12V92 overhaul rebuild kit it, juego de reparacion

Detroit 12V92 TI Engine Overhaul Kit

Price: $ 4,523.94

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For turbo intercool engines


Rebuilding kit for Detroit Diesel engine 12V92 turbo intercooled

- Cylinder Kits
- Crankshaft Bearings
- Connecting Rod Bearings
- Thrust Washers (4)
- Head Gaskets
- Oil Pan Gasket
- Rocker Cover Gasket

After placing your order online for this item, we will contact you to request the specific size information of your liner, crankshaft bearings, connecting rod bearings, and type of rocker cover your engine has. Please consult with your mechanic so that you have this information available for us to collect. What we will specifically ask you that your mechanic can provide you are the answers to the following 2 questions. Please have the answers ready for when we call you. We will call you the same day so that we can ship the parts to you within 24hrs.

1.- Crankshaft bearing size: standard, 0.10, 0.20, 0.30
2.- Connecting rod bearing size: standard, 0.10, 0.20, or 0.30

Please note: the photo is for reference only and the parts included in the kit may differ from those in the photo.

weight: 257.00 Lbs.

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