DP- 5193477 Ring set for Detroit Diesel engine serie 71

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Detroit Diesel Ring Set for Series 71

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Detroit Diesel Ring Sets for Two Valve, 71 Series Engines. Our piston rings are made from high quality metal alloys that deliver consistent and reliable performance, backed by our leading one-year warranty. With all Detroit Engines, the amount of space around the pistons is very small, requiring an expertly machined replacement part. This is why we built them to exacting measurements, which have been proven to work, even under the most strenuous circumstances. This ring set includes the rings needed for one piston.

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We offer several tools that work with our Detroit Diesel ring sets. These tools will help make the installation and removal process quicker. Our installer is made to fit the rings and will make putting the rings in place easy. The piston ring tool has a specially made end to fit with the rings, and will work much more efficiently than regular pliers.

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The placement of the piston rings can be a difficult procedure. We also offer repair manuals that can help outline the proper placement and installation for your engine. To see more, please select an option below.

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Many customers who ultimately buy one of our Detroit Diesel ring sets, also buy a piston ring seal. This part keeps impurities from mixing in the compression chamber. Changing this part is relatively easy once the pistons are exposed, and so many chose to replace this item when the rings are being replaced.

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If you have any questions, we offer several resources to help you. In addition to the repair manuals listed here, be sure to also look at our troubleshooting guide that will help you diagnosis engine behaviors to better narrow down which part of the system is not functioning properly. At Diesel Pro, we have courteous and knowledgeable associates, so if you need assistance, we are happy to help. Whether you need to locate a part, are unsure which part to buy, or just need some input on your repair project, our professionals will get you going in the right direction.

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