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Marine gear oil pressure gauge 0 to 400 PSI, Electrical 24 volts

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Marine Gear Oil Pressure Gauge 0 to 400 PSI - Electrical 24 Volts

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Heavy duty - 2 inch dia. with light bulb


Electrical 24 volts marine transmission oil pressure gauge has a reading of 0 to 400 psi. With a black background, chrome rim and white needle oil pressure reading of your marine transmission is clear. Each oil pressure gauge is designed for extreme heavy duty application and comes with a 100% money back guarantee. All marine transmission oil pressure gauges are shipped direct to you within 24hrs. This electrical 24 volts oil pressure gauge can be used with all marine transmission. A short sample of the marine transmissions that use this oil pressure gauges is the list below.
Twin Disc marine transmission models: MG502, MG506, MG5050, MG5061, MG507, MG5075, MG509, MG5090, MG5091, MG5111, MG5111A, MG5114, MG5114A, MG514, MG514C, MG516, MG518, MG521 and MG527.
 Allison marine transmission model M: M15, M15L, M15R, M20, M20L, M20R
Allison marine transmission model MH: MH15, MH15L, MH15R, MH20, MH20L, MH20R, MH30, MH30L, MH30R, MH45, MH45L, and MH45R

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weight: 0.92 Lbs.

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